Download e-book for iPad: Combinatory logic by Curry H.B., Hindley J.R., Seldin J.P

By Curry H.B., Hindley J.R., Seldin J.P

ISBN-10: 0720422086

ISBN-13: 9780720422085

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By Curry H.B., Hindley J.R., Seldin J.P

ISBN-10: 0720422086

ISBN-13: 9780720422085

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The potential role of the sorbitol (polyol) pathway in juvenile cataract was discussed earlier. Recent studies of cultured lens epithelium from cataract patients have shown negligible or absent levels of sorbitol in the epithelium of non-diabetics. In diabetic epithelium sorbitol levels are higher than blood glucose levels, while there is an inverse relationship between blood glucose and myoinositol. It has been noted that oxidative stress may cause lens membrane damage experimentally. It may also cause damage to DNA.

Laser photocoagulation 2. Rubenstein-Taybi syndrome G. Other ocular diseases N. Central nervous system abnormalities 1. Microphthalmia 1. Zellweger syndrome 2. Aniridia 2. Meckel-Gruber syndrome 3. Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous 3. Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome (PHPV) 4. Prematurity 4. Infantile neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis (Batten’s disease) 5. Peters’ anomaly 6. Corneal guttata O. Dermatological 7. Endophthalmitis 1. Crystalline cataract and uncombable hair 2. Cockayne syndrome H. Dental anomalies 1.

These effects may be important in the alcohol-cataract relationship. However, one cannot exclude the possibility that alcohol itself, especially when consumed in high volume, may be a direct toxin to the human phacos. Metabolic Factors Diabetes Mellitus Juvenile diabetic cataract classically known as the “snow flake cataract” is now uncommon with the advent of effective hypoglycemic therapy. It occurs in insulindependent diabetics whose onset was before the age of 30. The limited period over which snow flake cataract may occur (chiefly in the first two decades of life) contrasts with the extended period over which lenticular change occurs (from youth into the eighth decade).

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