Download PDF by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche: Chenrezig: The Practice of Compassion

By Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

ISBN-10: 0956813305

ISBN-13: 9780956813305

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By Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

ISBN-10: 0956813305

ISBN-13: 9780956813305

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There are only six letters: OM MA NI PAD ME H UNG - it shouldn't be too difficult to remember ! I would advise you to look at a representation ofChenrezig and his mantra or to draw it yourselfin order to memorize it more easily. �) � The Commentary 53 One should however understand that this visualisation is just a basis for the mind to settle down. It functions in the same way as when one is meditating on an object or on the breathing. The only difference is that the Vajrayana favours the choice of a pure enlightened being that functions as a basis to simultaneously settle the mind and develop positive tendencies.

The Commentary 37 There's another fun ny story about fake mantras. A man once asked a so -called lama to teach him a m antra. However, that lama was just posing as a lama and didn't actually know any thing. The man was earnestly requesting a man tra and the fake lama d idn't know what to say. Embarrassed, he looked around and saw a mouse appearing suddenly fro m a hole in the wall. " The man thanked the fake lama and went away, reciting his freshly le arnt mantra on the way. O n his way home he had to travel through a dangero us place infested with ro bbers.

He asked the same question to the next one. " He didn't let him shoot either. " He too was refused the opportunity to shoot. Finally, Arjuna's turn came. " asked the master. " "Now you shoot ! " The arrow pierced the clay bird's eye, and Arjuna was proclaimed the best student. When one is very concentrated, the mind is very focused and one sees only the object on which the mind is settled. This is good in the beginning, but it's not the whole thing. In meditation, one has to be aware of everything going on, of all :iO 77w Commentary the five senses open and reacting, but at the same time maintain the clarity and the calmness.

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