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By Harkins W. D.

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By Harkins W. D.

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1 Ohsawa et al. (1999), Inage et al. (2000) Gafron et al. (2000) a The dynamic range is the field range around the operating point within the requirements 2 and 3 are fulfilled to a sufficient degree. , maximum sensitivity or minimal power consumption). 3, which gives the appropriate figure of merit for some situations of practical interest. , no irreversible changes after the application of a large magnetic field. d This applies to applications where the bare sensor material cannot be sufficiently protected, such as hard disk read heads.

2000) Langer et al. 25 (x = 0) BL = Py, Co, Feb [After anneal at 250 ◦ C; low Hc , high sensitivity] F = Co90 Fe10 (F = Co) F = Co90 Fe10 [After 3 h anneal at 250 ◦ C]. 1 [After 3 h anneal at 250 ◦ C]. Parkin et al. 5 [After 1 h anneal at 250 ◦ C] Gurney et al. (1993) Kamiguchi et al. (1996) Kanai et al. (1996) Kanai et al. (1997) Fuke et al. (1997) Mao et al. (1999b) F = Py89 Ta11 Mizuguchi and Miauchi (1999) [After 5 h anneal at 280 ◦ C] (F = Py) Ni–Fe–Ta contains less Araki et al. % Ta. AF = 6 Ir–Mn Lin et al.

95 (full x-dependence) Study sputter conditions Study inverted structure Study thickness tolerances for read-head fabrication Study industrial scale deposition Dieny (1994)a Hoshino et al. (1994) Rijks et al. (1996a) Kitade et al. (1995) Kools (1995) Lenssen et al. (1996) Gurney et al. 1 Magnetoresistance and sheet resistance Rp,sh (in the parallel state) of conventional and advanced simple spin valves. The entries in the table are a selection from the literature. Within each category, they are given in chronological order.

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