Download e-book for kindle: A Lamp for the Path and Commentary by Richard Sherburne

By Richard Sherburne

ISBN-10: 0042941245

ISBN-13: 9780042941240

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By Richard Sherburne

ISBN-10: 0042941245

ISBN-13: 9780042941240

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To which [Sariputra answered]: '0 Noble Youth, it cannot. ' "Then Ak~ayamati said: 'Venerable Sariputra, that is right. The Thought of the Omniscient One is imperishable. ' " 6 Further on the Siitra continues: "This [resolute] intention [of Enlightenment Thought] is genuine because it is not artificially made. It is not artificially made because it cannot be swayed. It is unwavering because it comprehends completely. It fully comprehends because it has no deceit. It has no deceit because it is sincere.

Sincere because pure, pure because clear, clear because without dissimulation. " 7 The siitra continues at length in this fashion, and deserves to be studied. Such then is the Enlightenment Thought unique to Mahayana, the Thought which is superior by far to the whole world, the Thought which rejects no creature. This is the Thought that Bodhisattvas on the Great Level purified and made pure. [290b] They protected it and kept it undiminished, increasing it from Level to Level. And because THE ENLIGHTENMENT THOUGHT 49 it is the Thought of all Buddhas, the bodhisattva who begets it, is ever after protected by the gods who rejoice in the Teaching.

For wise men to produce wonders, and Average men to understand with ease, And so lesser men will put aside their passions, I write this Commentary on Difficult Points. With so much meaning in so short a text, This treatise may be hard to comprehend; And without holy men [for guidance] One will altogether go astray. COMMENTARY ON THE DIFFICULT POINTS 17 Therefore, an intelligent person Wins the favour of a Guru, and Asks for the right personal guidance which Is in accord with the Guru-tradition.

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