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By Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara

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By Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara

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To understand your self as a dwelling soul is simply the start level of meditation and takes the longest time to arrive. After that, the growth is far extra quick. this is likened to the rocket used to ship a pill into house, with its diversified booster levels. the 1st level of meditation, to neutralize your breath present and psychological waves, is just like the first degree of the rocket and calls for loads of exertions and effort.

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But on seeing a new object, the desire for that will make us discard the old object. This rejection and new grasping continues on and on without ceasing. The new object is also seized as ‘a possession over which one has mastery’ and this is constantly repeated, moving on from object to object. This discarding of the old object can also be subsumed under ‘craving for nonexistence’ which is that struggling to get rid of the present condition. When an object has run its course and gone then the mind struggles again to take in a new one.

This is termed ‘knowing the past’. There is then the continuing process of growth and change. That development and change up until now is called ‘the past part’ while that which is currently taking place is called ‘the present part’. Future change will carry on until finally this nàmaråpa breaks up and disperses. This continuing change is ageing (jarà) while the ultimate breaking up is death (maraõa). This death ahead is called ‘the future’. Reflect upon and see death, the final end, and know the future.

However, even when the match is present if there is no striking surface, it won’t ignite. Therefore that which comes in and that which goes out to receive it must accord with each other. The fire (the fetters and the hindrances) will therefore not ignite when mindfulness is up to the mark. This mindfulness is the enlightenment factor of mindfulness (sati-bojjhaïga). When the enlightenment factor of mindfulness has been born one can then start to investigate things (dhammà) correctly by selecting and sifting.

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