A gentle introduction to TEX: A manual for self study by Michael Doob PDF

By Michael Doob

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By Michael Doob

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This construction is somewhat complicated; we’ll see why it’s this way when we know a little more about typesetting mathematics. But for the moment we can look at it as a way of getting the job done. You may want to use \rm within the footnote to ensure that the right font appears. Usually you will not want a space between the text and the control word footnote. 21 This is the footnote at the bottom of the page. 10 Make up a page with a relatively long footnote spanning several lines. 11 Make up a page with two different footnotes on it.

However, we don’t want the rule to be aligned according to the template, so we use the control word \noalign. Hence horizontal lines are inserted by putting \noalign{\hrule}; vertical lines are inserted by putting \vrule in either the template or the display line. But still all is not completely straightforward. Suppose we take our last example and change the template to get vertical lines and also insert horizontal lines. \halign{\hskip 2in\vrule\quad $#$\quad & \vrule \hfil\quad # \hfil & \quad \vrule \quad $#$\quad & \vrule\hfil \quad # \quad \hfil \vrule \cr \noalign{\hrule} \alpha & alpha & \beta & beta \cr \noalign{\hrule} \gamma & gamma & \delta & delta \cr \noalign{\hrule} \epsilon & epsilon & \zeta & zeta \cr \noalign{\hrule} } doesn’t give exactly what we want.

This paragraph was set using this \displaytext macro. The parameter of a macro can be no more than one paragraph long. If a new paragraph is encountered as part of a parameter, an error will be generated. This is a safety feature, for otherwise the accidental omission of a closing brace would cause TEX to eat up the rest of the file as the parameter. 4 Define a macro \yourgrade so that \yourgrade{89} will cause the following sentence to be typeset: The grade you received is 89%. It should be able to work with any other percentage, of course.

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