Download e-book for kindle: 3D magnetic field computation of a permanent magnet by Yuejin Z., Guodong X.

By Yuejin Z., Guodong X.

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By Yuejin Z., Guodong X.

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12. 2. 130). 3. 132). 135) Note that the global right-hand-side vector d does not contribute to the global matrix system because the only nonzero entries of this vector belong to the first and the last rows. These will eventually be discarded after imposing the two Dirichlet boundary conditions at the end nodes of the domain. 134) must be evaluated either analytically or numerically. 134) can be equivalently expressed in terms of the natural coordinate instead of the x-coordinate. , from −1 to +1.

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3D magnetic field computation of a permanent magnet disc-type generator using scalar potential method by Yuejin Z., Guodong X.

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